Today, the tourism industry between Russia and Africa is poorly developed and requires appropriate efforts.

As in Africa, on the territory of Russia there are a huge number of attractions that need to be noticed by foreigners, including those from Africa.

Regarding tourism and recreation in Africa, it should be noted that Africa is a virgin not only for foreigners, but also for Africans themselves. Mass tourism will still take a long time until the day when man can discover the unknown embers of pristine Africa.

It is clear that progress in this direction requires an injection of enormous resources – human and material. And this requires, among other things, cooperation between peoples. It is believed that citizens of Africa and Russia will strive to take first place in the development of this area.

Я верю и призываю к развитию российско-африканского сотрудничества / Je crois et j'encourage la promotion de la coop?ration russo-africaine / I believe and I encourage the promotion of Russian-African cooperation

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