Wishes on the occasion of 8th March 2014

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My first experiment

Leonardo MT Today I want to tell you about my experiment. There is hope you enjoy the story. Because it is interesting and everyone can find his experiment in simple things of our everyday life. Especially because it is a process that goes almost unnoticed. But the truth for me is that it took a long time before I saw any result. Incoming search terms:эксперименты по природоведениюэксперимент с луком 

Town and Village: Problems of access to the Internet in rural area of Russia

Good time of the day, dear readers of Rafiki-Druzia.com. Today I raise the issue, which significantly affects the life of modern man when it has resolution or not. Development in any sphere of life already requires a good knowledge of modern information technology. This implies the availability of Internet access and use. Our parents were able to live and develop, not knowing worries related to the life of the virtual world. That being said, there were other times. But for the generation of the 21st century there is a destination to live in a new society with its own and hard requirements. The contemporary man must have the minimum conditions, including access and use of Internet resources. to be continuited Incoming search terms:с какими трудностями столкнется сельский житель в городе 

The village today and tomorrow: niches and possible cooperation

Do you know in zhich conditions are the most of populated zones in rural areas of our country? Do you discuss with someone, what are the potentials of the village and how to develop them? Friends! I suggest you break the chains and move to action: step-by-step let get involved in the process. Acting, actiong and once again acting together – that’s the fastest way for develop,ent!  

I welcome you, the world of good people!

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.  

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