The Novosokolniki’s Citizens celebrated the 72 nd anniversary of the Great Victory

On May 9th, 2017 the Novosokolniki’s Citizens celebrated  the 72 nd anniversary of the Great Victory. Many events were devoted to this memorable date, including educational meetings in schools and other institutions of Novosokolnicheskiy district, patriotic actions, Memory Watch, reburial of warrior remains, streetball and football games, march Immortal Regiment, solemn meeting and a festive concert. As always, special attention was paid to veterans of the II World War, children of war and former underage... 

The opening day of the St. Petersburg Forum 2016: meeting of the Presidents of Russia and Guinea

Первая встреча Президентов России и Гвинея – Владимира Путина и Альфа Конде состоялась в день открытия Санкт-Петербургского Форума 2016. В своем приветственном слове, Владимир Путин говорил о давнем и надежном партнерстве Российской Федерации и Гвинейской Республики. Он отметил о весьма позитивно развивающиеся отношения между двумя странами. Он также отметил совпадение мнений о положении в Африке и на международной арене. Останавливаясь на экономических связях между Россией и... 

Do Russia know about The “African committee for support of Vladimir Putin”?

Decades after most African countries freed from colonialism, the peoples of the Black Continent continue to support the policy of Russia, which is based primarily on humanity. The sympathy for Russia is growing in diplomatic circles of African countries. The reason for this growth can be found including in the article “50 Years of Freedom: Moscow – The Capital of Pan-African Parliament”. Concerning the no diplomatic citizens of Africa, we can note various initiatives that aim at promoting cooperation among the peoples of Africa and Russia. One of them is the creation of a movement to support the Russian Federation Leader – Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. A few years later its born in the heart of Africa, it is appropriate to ask: “Do Russia know about The” African Committee for Support to Vladimir Putin?... 

Two African awarded Pushkin Medal during the Kremlin celebrations of the Russia’s National Unity Day

Wednesday 04.11.2015, two African were awarded the Pushkin Medal during the Kremlin celebrations of the Russia’s National Unity Day. They are citizen of the Arab Republic of Egypt Osama As-Serai – Professor of Helwan University, painter and sculptor, member of the Egyptian Association of graduates of Russian universities and citizen of the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville), Jean-Claude GAKOSSO – Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of the Republic of Congo. ... 

The African Continent and Russia celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Common Victory over nazism and fascism

The Chairperson of the African Union, the presidents and heads of governments of African countries were present at the Moscow Parade 09 may 2015. Thus, the African Continent and Russia celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Common Victory over Nazism and fascism.  

Russia betrayed!

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.  

Libya: who will present “addition” to Mrs Sarkozy, Jupp? and BHL?


The anointed message for 2015 year

The 2015 year anointed message was transmitted explained by the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua in the first minutes beginning the 2015 year! «Good morning» – this Word is anointed for you: «When people greet you «Good afternoon» , greet them «Good morning». When people greet you «Good evening» or «Good night», greet them «Good morning» –  

My best wishes for 2015!


African painting as a hobby of a Russian railroad worker

Приветствую Вас, дорогие Друзья – Рафики и читатели сайта «Рафики-Друзья»! В данной короткой статье «Африканская живопись или хобби русского железнодорожника» Вы познакомитесь с интересным человеком. Речь идет об одном художнике вернее, об одной художнице, с работами которой Вы начинайте знакомиться в рамках данной публикации. Очень хочется, чтобы частыми стали мероприятия, в рамках которых будут выставлены эти работы. Тогда Вы сможете не только прочитать и посмотреть фотографии... 

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