The Lies Behind the Wests War on Libya  


The Media around the world continue to cover events hotly so-called “Arab …”. However, very few of them speak about the real reasons staged movements. Especially many Western media are silent about the fact that these processes are associated with the wealth of other nations, with the desire to exploit those wealth without owners. As a result of the related wars, the innocent people is dying. Countries lose their leaders, and this is directly linked to the wealth existing in on or other region. It’s no secret that Africa occupies a prominent place in this direction. The question is how long this situation can still exist? Because it’s true that every thing has its end. But before that end comes, the true leaders have to pay by their life. Without exaggeration, can be attributed to the above Libya and its leader – Gaddafi. On why overthrew Colonel Muammar... 


It is very rare the Chance when the Goddess invites You. Besides, He, Your Lucky Star, open You the door! If so, you definitely easily find the address: come in, She meets You, and You just simply vote for Her  

Town and Village: Problems of access to the Internet in rural area of Russia

Good time of the day, dear readers of Today I raise the issue, which significantly affects the life of modern man when it has resolution or not. Development in any sphere of life already requires a good knowledge of modern information technology. This implies the availability of Internet access and use. Our parents were able to live and develop, not knowing worries related to the life of the virtual world. That being said, there were other times. But for the generation of the 21st century there is a destination to live in a new society with its own and hard requirements. The contemporary man must have the minimum conditions, including access and use of Internet resources. to be continuited Incoming search terms:с какими трудностями столкнется сельский житель в городе 

Fairytales of the World: Sitting around the Folk Tales of Africa and Russia!

I am happy to remember those moments, in the evening, when the whole family we got together and quietly listened with great interest to the narrator. Not allowing emotions to distract us from the events binding thread, we were all eagerly waiting for a happy ending. At least, I have always tried not to miss a single word. Incoming search terms:сказки народов россии читатьсравни главных героев русской и африканской сказок какие онигерои из сказок народов Россиипроект на тему сказки народов россии 

The triumph of law: UK and crimes in the former colonies

It is rare, but it happens that after many trials colonizers forced to acknowledge human rights violations in the former colonies. On its website, the Ecofin agency (L’agence Ecofin) published an article untitled «The British justice recognizes the “colonial crimes” against three Kenyans». Article published in French on October 7th, 2012. Here we publish its translation. British justice recognizes the «colonial crimes» against three Kenyans Sunday, October 7, 2012 04:44 Jane Muthoni Mara, Paulo Muoka Nzili and Wambugu Wa Nying are now aged 70 and 85 years. 50 years ago, they were beaten, castrated and raped by their care during their detention in a British camp at the time of the insurrection of the Kenyan Mau-Mau. After 50 years of litigation, the British justice has just authorized them to take to court a lawsuit against the United Kingdom. Although the British... 

African media about Russia: the Congo media about expected results from the november’s visit of First Congo Person in Russia

Африканские СМИ о России: СМИ Конго о результатах, ожидаемых от ноябрьской поездки первого лица Конго в Россию. В раннее опубликованной статье «В Браззавиле все готово к визиту Дени Сассу-Нгессо в Россию» рассказывается о подготовках к запланированному в ноябре визиту президента Республики Конго в Россию. В статье отражена информация о встрече посла России в Республике Конго, Юрия Романова, с министром связи и представителем правительства, ответственным за связи с парламентом... 

Brazzaville is ready for sending Denis Sassou-Nguesso in visit to Russia

on May 23th of of this year, held a telephone conversation between the president of the Republic of Congo Denis Sassou-Nguesso, and the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The initiative from the Congolese side was linked to the formal inauguration of Vladimir Putin. On this occasion, the first Personnes of the two countries talked about tactual mutual cooperation. They led to the strengthening of Russian-Congolese political dialogue and deepening of relations in various fields.  

African media about Russia: Africa Press about Russian football players

On October 5, 2012 the Africa Presse published an article with title “Cameroon – Europa League: Samuel Eto’o put a double to Swiss Young Boys». The article was published in French. The article is about the victory of russian club Anzhi Makhachkala against the Swiss club Young Boys de Berne with a pair of goals by Samuel Eto’o  

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